by: Donald S. McCrossan, arr. by Luther G. Presley

Listen to the Tune

1. As you travel along ------- on the Jericho road ------
Does the world seem all wrong ---------- and heavy your load?-------
Just bring it to Christ ---------- your sins all confess --------
On the Jericho road --------- your heart He will bless.

On the Jericho road ------- there's room for just two------------
No more or no less --------- just Jesus and you----------
Each burden He'll bear --------- each sorrow He'll share ---------
There's never a care ---------- for Jesus is there -----------.

2. On the Jericho road ------- blind Bartimaeus sat --------
His life was a void,-------- so empty and flat ---------
But Jesus appeared --------- one word brought him sight----------,
On the Jericho road ----------- Christ banished his night--------.

3. O brother to you ----------- this message I bring,----------
Though hope may be gone,------------- He'll cause you to sing-----------.
At Jesus' command --------------- sin's shackles must fall, ------------
One the Jericho road ------------ will you answer His call?------------

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