by Rev. James P. Sullivan and Mildred Ellen Sullivan

Listen to the Tune

1. There is a song in my heart today,
Something I never had.
Jesus has taken my sins away,
O say, but I'm glad.

O say, but I'm glad, I'm glad,
O say, but I'm gla-a-a-a-d.
Jesus has come and my cup's overrun,
O say, but I'm glad.

2. Wonderful, marvelous love He brings,
Into a heart that's sad.
Through darkest tunnels the soul just sings
O say, but I'm glad.

3. We have a fellowship rich and sweet,
Tongue can ne'er relate.
Living in Him is a blessed treat,
O say, but I'm glad.

4. Won't you come to Him with all your care,
Weary and worn and sad.
You, too, will sing as His love you share,
O say, but I'm glad.

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